The Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community 2023 Juried Art Exhibition is set. One hundred and fifty-seven artists from 22 states, plus Washington D.C., submitted 435 works. Jurors deliberated and made their selections. This year’s exhibit features 83 artists and 92 works of art, many of which are 3-dimensional pieces.

The art categories include:

  • Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
  • Photography/Digital Artworks
  • 3-Dimensional/Fabric/Assemblage/Other Media

Fifty-seven of this year’s artists are from Virginia—spanning Hampton Roads, Central Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia.

The 26 artists who live outside of Virginia come from 18 states and Washington D.C. These states include Florida and Wisconsin and extend as far west as Utah and Arizona.

The exhibit opens to the public on Sunday, May 28 and runs through Tuesday, June 27.  Companies Everence, Beachy Arehart Certified Public Accountants, Sodexo Seniors and Weaver’s Flooring America are sponsors for this year’s event.

The artists and their submissions include:

Virginia Artists

Karie Anderson, Photo,  “Off the Beaten Path”

Ann Baker, Painting, “Amaryllis Trio”

Leslie Barham, 3-D, “Faye Munro”

Andy Berger, 3-D,  “Cnidaria”

Ainsley Bloomfield, Painting, “Moon Madness”

Jill Brabant, Painting, “Summer Trellis”

Janice Breeden, Painting, “Orange”

Carol Brunk, Painting, “Mandala”

Ramey Campbell, Painting, “Retreating Snow”

Nichole Causey, Photo, “Autumn on Skyline”

Pauline Clay, Painting, “Tropic Fanfare” & “Drama Queen”

Lee Cochrane, Photo, “Knuckle Saloon Memorabilia”

Trudy Cole, Painting, “A Come to Kitty Moment”

Jerry Coulter, Painting, “Early Mist at Beach”

Trish Crowe, Painting, “Where’s Alice?”

BJ Dickhute, Painting, “Hamish of Glencoe”

Janie Everett, 3-D, “Serpent Guardian”

Lyndi Angermeier-Carr, Painting, “Beach Sunrise”

Sharon Fay, 3-D, “One With Nature”

David Gardner, Photo, “Bee with Pollen”

Sara Gondwe, Painting, “Leaps of Joy!”

Gail Haile, 3-D, “A Midsummer Boquet”

Caroline Hardy, 3-D,  “Cherry Blossoms on Temple Grounds” & “Two Mandarin Ducks on a Lotus Pond”

Brie Hayden, Painting, “Old Smuggler Prohibition Era Bottle”

Floyd Johnson, 3-D, “Flying Saucer”

Kathleen Johnston, Painting, “In the Night”

June Jordan, Painting, “Shadow of Masonic Lodge”

Chris Kagy, Photo,  “Jumble of Catnip”  & “Coral Bells”

Anita Kersch, Painting, “Blueberry Bog Jonesport Maine”

Natalie Kohler, Painting, “Magnolia and Blue Sky”

Leslie Landerkin, Photo, “Spring Fog”

Svetlana Lechkina, 3-D, “Orchids”  &  “Forever Spring”

AnaMarie Liddell, Painting, “The Marsh” & “The Murmuring Pines of Monhegan”

Sue Linthicum, Painting, “Ready to Fly”

Jane Mann, Photo,    “Wilshire Bl.”

Jane Marshman, Painting, “Shroom”

Elena Maza-Borkland, Painting, “Pumpkin ‘Galeux d’Eysines”

Sue McCoy, 3-D, “Altar for Wandering Spirits”

Nancy McDearmon, Painting, “Snake Pit”

Carolyn Miller, Painting, “New Day”

Zachary Nafziger, 3-D, “Wildflowers”

William Paquet, 3-D, “Martyr”

Penny A Parrish, Photo, “Vases”

Susan Patrick, Painting, “Autumnal Dance”

Terry Peckarsky, 3-D, “Glacier Sunrise”

Kelly Prim, 3-D, “Beardy Hen”

Caroline (Chee) Ricketts, Painting, “Falling Springs” & “Season of the Soul”

Debra Sheffer, Painting, “Shenandoah River Bend”

John Bell, Painting, “That Chant of the Seasons”

Mae Stoll, Painting, “Augusta County Courthouse, Staunton”

Juliette Swenson, Painting, “Life is Just a Bowl of Eggs” & “Leopard in the Leaves”

Laura Thompson, 3-D, “Exalted” & “The Garden”

Astrid Tuttle, Painting, “Highland County – Distant View”

Barbara Wallace, Painting, “Edge Effects”

Herb Weaver, 3-D, “A Very Lionfish”

Merv Webb, Photo, “Purple Yarn”

Joan Wiberg, Painting, “Running River”

Artists from Outside Virginia

Christine Alfery, Painting, “Inspiration”

Kristen Colebank, Painting, “Big Blue”

Matthew Derezinski, Photo, “Moon LIte Flight”

Rachel Derstine, 3-D, “Copper Twilight”

Bryon Draper, 3-D, “Two Finger Amulet”

Rosemary Fineberg, Painting, “Ben Yehuda”

Jules Floss, Painting, “Venus De Walt”

Curtis Frederick, 3-D, “Spring Dance”

Lu Fuller, Painting, “Mom’s White Roses”

Piper Grant, Painting, “Seen and Not Heard”

William Hays, Painting, “Dawn”

David Herzig, Painting, “Consider the Lillies”

Diane Hoeptner, Painting, “Girl and Cat”

Howard Averill, Painting, “Colorful Fields”

Suzanne Johnson, Painting, “Windswept”

Maggie Jones, 3-D, “Body Vessel Set”

Jean Judd, 3-D, “Aged Psychedelic #9”

Richard Mclawhorn, Painting, “Number 5”

Paul Murray, Photo, “Desert Bloom”

Rindy Obrien, Photo, “DC a Sign”

Sandra Parker, Painting, “Autumn Rain”

Jesus Perez, Photo, “Touched by the Sun”

Jo Perez, 3-D, “Pande-monium” & “Luna Moth Lamp”

George Radeschi, 3-D, “B220”

Paul Schreffler, 3-D, “Kumiko Lantern”

Roger L Sledge, Photo, “Quietly Waiting”

John Terry, Photo, “Marco Polo’s Laundry” & “Railroad Ritual”