March is National Nutrition Month and there’s no better way to observe this month’s theme than to pause, take stock of your eating habits and make the moves necessary to optimize your health through diet. 

Their affection for each other is unmistakable. It’s the look of a close bond.  A strong connection. True friendship.

Winter brings many things we enjoy—the holidays, gift giving and receiving, and a new year to embrace life. But winter also comes with its downsides—shorter days, inclement weather, more indoor time and loneliness. To prepare, we buy warm clothing, stock up on food, winterize our vehicles and insulate our homes. But do we insulate our hearts? Do we winterize ourselves?

If you’ve recently retired or are close to retirement, you might be considering what your living situation will look like. As you weigh the options of staying in your home or moving to a retirement community, here are four benefits of moving sooner than later!