Of all the things we do with time—earn it, spend it or save it—one of the most precious things we can do with time is gift it!

“Be the exception. Be the person people can count on.” Janet Shank’s strengths include attention to detail and follow-through.

Take a look at this beauty’s floor plan. As you’ll see, apartment 206 in the Park Gables neighborhood of VMRC lets in lots of natural light.

The Call for Artists is underway in preparation for VMRC’s 2023 National Juried Art Exhibition. This year’s exhibit will mark 20 years of delighting and enriching residents and visitors with gripping works of art.

Winter brings many things we enjoy—the holidays, gift giving and receiving, and a new year to embrace life. But winter also comes with its downsides—shorter days, inclement weather, more indoor time and loneliness. To prepare, we buy warm clothing, stock up on food, winterize our vehicles and insulate our homes. But do we insulate our hearts? Do we winterize ourselves?

“Thank you so much for offering me (the new apartment). I have been thinking of moving to a one bedroom ever since Ben passed away … it was important to me to be a good steward of what we had worked for. In hindsight, though, I began the process too soon. Grief does not allow one to think clearly and objectively or to be decisive and settled about one’s choices … At this point, I have definitely been able to turn a corner and am ready for a change.

Joe Hackman recently joined the VMRC Foundation as Foundation Manager. Let’s get to know him:

What was your interest in working at VMRC?

I knew that the Foundation’s main purpose was to raise support for people who had outlived their means. When I was a pastor in Pennsylvania, we worked with a LifePlan Community that supported many of our members with benevolent care, so I saw firsthand the impact these funds can have for individuals. When I learned VMRC valued benevolent care, I knew this was an organization that aligned with my values.

If you’ve recently retired or are close to retirement, you might be considering what your living situation will look like. As you weigh the options of staying in your home or moving to a retirement community, here are four benefits of moving sooner than later!