“Thank you so much for offering me (the new apartment). I have been thinking of moving to a one bedroom ever since Ben passed away … it was important to me to be a good steward of what we had worked for. In hindsight, though, I began the process too soon. Grief does not allow one to think clearly and objectively or to be decisive and settled about one’s choices … At this point, I have definitely been able to turn a corner and am ready for a change.

Through my own experience I have come to see that even though Marketing must attend to the business side of things, Marketing is actually an important ministry of VMRC. The people with whom you interact come with so many needs, emotions, hopes and yes, losses, too! And then there are those who come with joy and anticipation for their new life ahead! In any case, your gift to them, in the name of Christ, of helping them find a place to truly call HOME again is priceless. Thank you for each time you do this, because dealing with folks in any period of transition is never easy.

Again, thank you for helping me! I look forward to meeting with Greg to plan my new HOME.”

Joan Brockington

joan brockington

Joan Brockington