While research indicates that spring is the best time to sell a home and make a new move, you shouldn’t discount the value of a fall move.

Moving and preparing for the holiday season can be stressful. Making a move in early fall can eliminate one of those stressors. 

Also, housing inventory remains low in many areas of the nation, and selling a home now could mean more buyers and fewer sellers. According to the Better Homes and Gardens real estate website Homecity, your home is more likely to be seen by potential buyers in the fall. In addition, there are more available agents during the fall to process transactions quickly. 

The holidays are a time of joy, celebration and gratitude. If you are looking for a way to simplify your life and enjoy the festive season, moving before the holidays can provide peace of mind. 

Don’t Be Discouraged by the Waitlist

If you suspect the odds of finding your new home soon are low because of your place on the waitlist, think again. 

No matter your number, matching with your new home depends upon the availability of the type of home you want. There may be others ahead of you who are waiting for something different to become available. When this happens, your chances of getting the home you want increase. 

Are you flexible? 

If you are open to more than one type or size of a home you may be able to move sooner rather than later. Plus, you can always change to a new home once you move to our community. 

The best action is to call our community sales director Kristen Payne at 540.437.4360 and find out your options. A community of wonderful people is waiting to meet you.