June is National Safety Month, a time to be mindful of everything from slips, trips and falls to emergency preparedness. The month also shines a light on a safety hazard that promises to worsen this summer and broadly over time.

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts soaring temperatures for this summer. With a warming planet, dangers resulting from high-heat exposure will also soar — especially for older adults.

According to the National Institutes of Health, older adults experience physical changes that can make them especially vulnerable to the risks of heat waves. They include:

  • Low sweat gland function
  • Poor circulation
  • A diminished sense of thirst

Temperatures routinely seen in places such as Phoenix have become the experience of many other states nationwide.

Planning a summer move? There are things you need to know and do to protect yourself from the rising mercury.

A major necessity is hydration.

Daniel Van Durme, M.D., chief medical officer of the Florida State University College of Medicine, explains in an AARP article that older adults should over-hydrate.

During your move, you’ll also want to take breaks and get to the nearest air-conditioned location to cool off. It’s also prudent to wear loose, light-colored clothing.

The National Safety Council shares resources to inform and keep individuals safe across a spectrum of safety risks.

Be informed to optimize your health and safety now and Live Fully! If you have questions about your summer move to VMRC or would like to talk with a resident ambassador, call us at (540) 564-3400.