VMRC hosts a variety of events and gatherings that are designed to help people age well and live fully in all aspects of life. Elder Exchange, a monthly academic forum, is one such event. During this gathering, residents and guests discuss faith and ideas from a Christian perspective. Elder Exchange addresses the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of wellness. A talk is held on the second Thursday evening of each calendar month (excluding December) from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the Detwiler Auditorium.

“We appreciate not only the variety of topics but the timeliness of topics as well,” said Ken Graber, a Park Village resident who attends Elder Exchange with his wife MarthaJune. “Topics are often of current interest, whether regarding the environment, education, or personal interest/experience stories,” Ken said. 

The format of the gathering includes: 

  • A resource speaker or panel of persons gives a thoughtful presentation on a topic of interest linked to faith and theology.
  • Two formal responders then offer their comments on the presentation.
  • The gathering concludes with a group discussion. Participants are invited to share their thoughts and insights on the topic.

“The format of a main speaker, two respondents and questions from the audience is a great way to present an issue and often provides balanced, opposing views. Some of the presentations challenge our traditional thinking and open our minds to other ways of viewing things,” Ken added.   

Topics addressed in Elder Exchange gatherings are relevant to the lives of VMRC residents and the wider Christian community. Topics have included:

  • Bioethics
  • Wholistic healing
  • Examination of worldviews
  • Philosophy of church mission
  • Views on human origins
  • Sin & Salvation
  • Death & Dying
  • Politics, power, justice
  • Theology of suffering
  • Natural evil
  • Immigration issues
  • War & peace
  • Poverty
  • Addiction
  • Integration of faith in varied disciplines or occupations

Presenters are drawn from the VMRC community and beyond. They represent a variety of Anabaptist and Christian faith perspectives.

All are welcome to come, listen and share insights while exploring the intersection of faith and life. To see the full schedule of Elder Exchange speakers, click here

Elder Exchange is an initiative of VMRC residents. VMRC and private individuals sponsor this event.