A Nursing Home That

Actually Is Home

Woodland Park, isn’t your traditional nursing home – it’s so much more. With households of 10-11 housemates, life is all about relationships – with staff and with each other.

Each home offers private resident bedrooms and bathrooms centered around a shared living space. This modern design for retirement communities offering nursing care is ideal for socializing and quality of life. We call it Complete Living Care.

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Expert Nursing Care

In A Home Environment

When you enter a Woodland Park house, you’ll see housemates gathered together for meals or enjoying the view from the front porch. Access to the outdoors distinguishes Woodland Park from other household models in nursing care. The homes were built with high ceilings, larger windows, front porches and courtyards to provide ample opportunity for sunlight and access to the outdoors.

There are no nursing stations like in a traditional nursing home – medications and supplies are stored in locked cabinets in residents’ rooms where a member of the nursing staff administers medications and treatments as needed.

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