Dining, RN, LPN, and CNA Jobs That

Let You Work With Purpose

Whether you are looking for a career path in Nursing, as a Dining Server or just want to work at a retirement community, VMRC is a great place. We want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County in race, ethnicity and cultural demographics. Our workforce comprises a diverse population which speaks 14 languages, hails from 14 home countries and represents 13 ethnicities.

Our origins are as a Christ-centered organization, rooted in Anabaptist traditions of stewardship, service, justice and compassion. We honor that history today through prayer, reflection and other practices. We welcome the expression and observance of other practices, however, we have no expectations for our team members to follow any particular religious or faith background. As a community, we listen to others’ perspective and experiences and strive to live with empathy and a commitment to equity.

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