Our Priorities

Our Priorities include compassion, staff development and community enrichment. Your investment strengthens our community and your compassion sustains the well-being of VMRC residents.


Good Samaritan Annual Fund

Used with the earnings from the Compassion Endowment to assist the 30 percent of Supportive Living residents who have exhausted personal resources.  Used along with the earnings from the Compassion Endowment to cover the difference between what Medicaid pays and the actual cost of care.

Compassion Endowment

Used with the Good Samaritan Annual Fund to Support the 30 percent of Supportive Living residents who have exhausted their personal resources.

Memory Care endowment

Provides opportunities for caregiver education and support, as well as specialized care, quality programming and the creation of living environments designed for people who have dementia.

Staff Development

Staff Development Endowment

Provides VMRC an opportunity to invest in its employees for continuing education, particularly for front-line staff, but also for those pursuing degree work to better serve VMRC.

Nurse Education Endowment

Enables nurses in Supportive Living to obtain more education and allows VMRC to run its own CNA education program.

Workforce Development Fund

Supports continuing education and training to maintain the highest level of care for our residents.

*Other endowments include the Medical Nutritional Endowment and the John & Evelyn Nixon Heltzel Endowment for Transitional Care.


Juried Art Exhibition

Supports the operations of VMRC’s annual Juried Art Exhibition, demonstrating VMRC’s longstanding commitment to the arts.

Shenandoah Valley Lyceum

Brings regional and nationally recognized speakers and musical entertainment to campus for resident and community enrichment.

Farm Development Fund

Creates new opportunities to increase the capacity of The Farm at Willow Run which provides fresh produce for VMRC residents and guests in our dining venues.

Spiritual Care Fund

Provides support for VMRC chaplains to offer creative opportunities to deepen spiritual life across campus.

Life Enrichment Endowment

Supports initiatives to promote the eight dimensions of wellness that enhance our community life: emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental and spiritual.

Capital Projects

Provide opportunities for donors to join in special projects to enhance VMRC’s campus.


If you would like to share about your positive experience at VMRC and express your thanks to our community, let us know in the form below. These stories could be shared on our social media platforms to encourage and celebrate our staff.

You can also make a financial gift in honor of a medical professional, VMRC staff member or volunteer.

Patient Story Sharing

Patients can share the story of their stay at VMRC.

Please share with us your positive experiences during your stay at VMRC and the level of care provided by our staff members.

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