Donate To Retirement Programs

& Enhance Senior Living

We invite you to donate to our endowments and help individuals at VMRC and throughout our community to age well.

Compassion Endowment

Compassion Endowment augments the Good Samaritan Fund by increasing VMRC’s capacity to care for individuals in assisted living and nursing home care in Woodland Park who have outlived their financial resources.

Memory Care Endowment

Memory Care Endowment is a dedicated program endowment to support residents living with dementia, their family caregivers and our staff by providing education and support.

Live Enrichment Endowment

Donations to the Life Enrichment Endowment support the work of VMRC’s wellness programs, pastoral and counseling services and resident activities.

Juried Art Exhibition Endowment

Juried Art Exhibition Endowment provides donor support to enhance outreach for this major art exhibition in VMRC’s Park Gables Gallery that brings together the greater community and our residents.

Staff Development & Nurse Education Endowment

Staff Development & Nurse Education Endowment is a critical element to providing VMRC’s dedicated staff an opportunity to remain fully prepared to serve our retirement community at the highest level.

Medical Nutritional Endowment

Giving to the Medical Nutritional Endowment educates residents and our community on good nutrition and exercise. Established by the late Mary Ethel Heatwole, registered dietician.

John & Evelyn Nixon Heltzel Endowment

The John & Evelyn Nixon Heltzel Endowment provides for annual upgrades and equipment to the Heltzel Rehab Center, a preferred provider for Transitional Care.

Annual Community Needs

Annual Community Needs highlights opportunities to support and enhance retirement community living with gifts for special projects.

Grateful Patient Giving

Grateful Patient Giving provides an opportunity for Transitional Care patients and families to honor employees who provide exceptional care during their stay in skilled nursing rehab services.

Shenandoah Valley Lyceum

Shenandoah Valley Lyceum Endowment provides educational and cultural programs for residents and the extended community.