Find Meaning By Joining Our

Volunteer Base

Behind the heart of every nonprofit are volunteers. People willing to give money, time and talent for a mission and purpose bigger than themselves. VMRC began through the vision and innovation of its founder George B. Showalter who provided early seed money. Yet, it was countless volunteers through the generations who supported George’s vision to provide assisted living and nursing home care to elders in our community.

His family and others in this community were committed to helping build a retirement community where people could age well and live fully. Their help took many forms of giving and volunteering.

Today, nearly 200 individuals actively volunteer with our retirement community. During our fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours of service in assisted living, independent living and nursing home care.

Whatever you like to do, our Volunteer Services Manager will match you with a role at our retirement community that is meaningful and engaging. Choose from opportunities in assisted living, independent living and nursing care. Consider being a café hospitality assistant, Bargain Center cashier or bagger, Life Enrichment program and trip assistant, indoor express cart driver and technology support volunteers.