Find Meaning By Joining Our

Volunteer Team

Thank you for your interest! Behind the heart of every nonprofit are volunteers — people willing to give their time and talent for a mission and purpose bigger than themselves. VMRC began through the vision and innovation of its founder George B. Showalter and countless volunteers through the generations who have supported George’s vision and created a community for people to age well and live fully.

Today, our volunteer team is one of the most robust in the Shenandoah Valley. More than 300 individuals actively volunteer in our program both here at VMRC and off-campus, through a variety of community partnerships. During our fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, volunteers contributed more than 27,000 hours of service. That’s a value of nearly $900,000 to our community!

Whatever you like to do, our volunteer services manager will match you with a role at our organization that is both purposeful and personalized. We offer opportunities that are flexible, meaningful and engaging. Consider driving our indoor express cart, helping out at our Bargain Center, serving with our Life Enrichment team and much more!